PURIZON ENERGY UK Limited believes in the need of renewable energy sources and implementation of energy efficiency measure to meet the ever-increasing energy requirement of the world. We have a team of dedicated management and engineers with passion to become an integral part of the energy sector by providing quality services and products in the field of solar energy and energy efficiency. Our hands-on experience in this sector helps to provide total integrated solutions of highest quality and reliability at competitive rates, with a promise to meet deadlines.

India has significant opportunities to accelerate growth while controlling the carbon intensity of its development path. Purizon strategizes to achieve this by harnessing the substantial synergies between low carbon and economic performance.

Purizon plans the full integration of the solar power supply chain, entering each sector of the supply chain at the appropriate time, taking advantage of structural distress in the solar sector. This enables us to take full advantage of the fixed tariff model and bring price levels which compete effectively with current less environmentally sustainable models. The agreed pricing model provides long-term stable cash flows that reduces risk across the project and allows us to manage market fluctuations in individual parts of the supply chain.

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Why purizon?

  • Purizon Provides Turnkey Optimal Solar Plant Solutions
  • Highly experienced E.P.C team and project managers
  • Short delivery time & on time
  • Implementing the best PV solar manufacturers in USA and Europe include front end technologies
  • Cost effective project provider with short payback time (short ROI and high IRR)
  • Corporates in London UK & India
  • Financial Customer support
  • Business partners in 20 countries
  • Leading Solar Infrastructure Service provider
  • Extensive network of Global partnerships

How Purizon Group help To develop PV Solar plant Project

  • Detailed site survey activities due diligence
  • Feasibility study
  • Detailed Engineering (civil, electric, security, operation)
  • Selection of right technology and optimized plant design
  • Field preparation and securing boundary
  • Detailed analysis and selection of suitable foundations methodology
  • Logistics and civil structures
  • Meeting the equipment suppliers for quotations and financing
  • SPV modules mounting system installations
  • Master Electrical control rooms / center
  • Power Evacuation System
  • Remote monitoring and plant SCADA System
  • Total plant surveillance and Security for 24×7
  • Solar power plant projects of varied capacity from 10 MWp up to 100 MWp

Our Mission

Our mission is to understand the requirements of our customers and offer our customers with high quality products and services.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to touch a billion lives by providing quality products and services for reducing energy consumption and harnessing renewable energy sources, particularly Solar Energy to energize the world around us.

Our Strategy

Our Strategy is to do so by growing solar power to an industrial scale which can compete effectively with existing generators.

Jacob Nuriel, CEO, Director

Jacob Nuriel, CEO, Director

Electrical Eng. & MBA

  • Experience during the last 25 years acting as Managing Director of three companies with multi-million Dollar turnover.
  • CEO & Managing Director, New Business Development, Strategic Planning, Worldwide business experience close to high officials.
  • During two decades experience in Sales & Marketing, Company Operation, Finance, and a Team Builder.
  • Solar India Limited, amongst others and was responsible for plant conceptualization, design and execution of solar power plant projects.
Dr. Samarjit Roy, Director

Dr. Samarjit Roy, Director

Ph.D (Brunel Univ-UK), M.Tech (Brunel Univ.-UK)

  • Dr Roy is the founder and Chairman of City Wastes Bioenergy Solutions Limited and is a visionary entrepreneur.
  • He has over 30 years of industry experience in UK Steel and Automobile Industries including 15 years at Ford Motor Company Dagenham as a manager in the Power Train Operation division.
  • He is a director of 5 UK registered companies, one India registered and one Nigeria registered companies. He is trustee and Director of 8 voluntary organizations based in UK.
  • Dr Roy was an elected councillor at London Borough of Islington.
  • He published 2 books titled “ Toilets To Let “ ( ISBN : 978-1-60911-749-8 ) and “ Understanding Waste = Bio-energy “ ( ISBN : 978-1-4567-8354-9).

Our path to Perfection

It was a long journey to come where we are now. Here is how we started.

Bringing team together

We were just a group of creative and dedicated individuals trying to produce Clean energy using renewable energy sources and started our first solar plant by implementing PURIZON Solar Power plant .

Our project initiative

Implementation of SRT projects as a new initiative to produce lean energy under Purizon Energy.

Leading company in roof top solar

Hard work, many sleepless nights and great passion for what we do, made us to complete our first roof top solar installation.

Writing the future

The year has started great successful project implementations and there is a lot work and new projects going ahead.

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