Unique Greenhouses technologies

  • The UNIQUE greenhouse is prefabricated and assembled on site

  • Easy implementation by local manpower

  • Full adaptation to all related sub systems used in modern greenhouse production. 

Tropical Unique Design with Fixed Roof Vent

  • 40 Green Houses yield 10,000 tons of vegetables per year

  • Size of each Green house 1.25 Acre

  • Total land size required for GRH only 50 Acres

Village generates jobs

More than 250 people working in 40 green house projects

Air Circulation Technology & Benefits

The greenhouse has 14 units of circulation fans

Benefits of air circulators

  • For even distribution of air in the greenhouse.

  • Homogenous temperature.

  • Removal of humidity clouds, and leaf drying.

  • For economical use of agrochemical.

  • For heat reduction in open greenhouses.

Cold Storage Warehouse

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