Operation and Maintenance (O&M)

If you have invested in a solar photovoltaic (PV) system for your property, you’re familiar with all the great benefits of going solar. You also know as well as we do that your return on investment (ROI) is directly tied to your system’s performance. In order to maximize your savings and ROI, your system needs to be carefully monitored and fully optimized.

If your system is down for a day, that’s real money out of your pocket, and a missed opportunity to save on energy costs and to recoup your investment. In order to keep your solar investment performing at ideal efficiency, it is important to provide fundamental maintenance and inspection on a regular basis.

Operations and maintenance programs generally have three goals; production optimization, revenue management, and system maintenance (both preventative and corrective). After a customer invests in solar, it is important for the system to perform at expected levels to meet ROI expectations through reduced energy costs and Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) generation, both which help recoup the costs associated with the purchase of the system. As both of these results are directly dependent on the amount of energy produced by the array, it is important for a system to be performing at optimal levels in order for solar owners to get the full value out of their investment.

Purizon operate and maintain solar power plants, provide monthly reporting on generation and activities , physical asset management solutions, Inspection, testing, cleaning, and preventive maintenance and/ or corrective repairs and replacement ,SCADA enabled remote monitoring facility, training and required set of onsite testing instruments and equipment.

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