Project book

A Detailed Project Report is one of the most important documents to assess the feasibility of project and to get financial closure. Purizon with its sector expertise and established standing in the renewable energy consultancy not only gives the most exhaustive analysis of the project but also enjoys the confidence of industries, investors and banks alike.

– Site visit to analyze on ground conditions and relevant data collection including land available, soil stability, infrastructure required etc.

– Calculation of solar PV array capacity, electricity generation and system losses at the pre-identified site after studying land shape and area, solar irradiation and meteorological data.

– Detailed analysis and market scan of the available technology on the basis of access area availability and varied project requirements.

– Enlisting the design criteria for modules, inverters, switchgear, transformer, power evacuation, control & monitoring system and lightning protection & earthing system.

– Designing the complete system to minimize system losses, shading and dust effects.

– Preparation of single line diagrams and power evacuation plans.

– Analyzing the requirements for site levelling, equipment foundations, roads, trenches, compound wall, control room and switchyard in line with standards.

– Analysing and enlisting of requirements of maintenance, spare parts, special tools, manpower training and operation manual.

– Drawing a detailed Implementation plan including execution strategy, project team and project execution schedule.

– Description of different risks viz technology, project completion, regulatory, plant performance and operating, financing and tariff risk.

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