PV Solar farms

At Purizon, we design, develop, construct and maintain world class utility scale solar farms. We render our services from concept to commissioning. Our global expertise team offer customers the best in quality services. We maximize the generation so the revenue from our solar farms with most recent and developed optimization techniques in the solar industry. Our solar farms are designed to work with a high degree of efficiency to achieve maximum performance ratio all the seasons. Ample care is taken towards minimizing the DC losses by design optimization. Our design methodology is unique and very specific to each geographical/topographical condition as we believe that each and every location is unique when it comes to solar energy harnessing.

Our end to end services

1. Due-diligence

a.Identification of Appropriate Project Sites

b.Estimation of production

c.Conceptual architectural blueprinting

d.Practicality and Feasibility study

e.Regulatory certifications & Permissions

f.Topographical and Geographical studies by certified third parties

2. Engineering

a.Basic and detailed engineering

b.Fully detailed engineering schematics

c.Planning and Scheduling of project implementation

d.Safety planning

e.System optimization and design integration.

3. Procurement

a.Qualified vendors portfolio

b.Vendors shortlisting

c.Contracts management

d.Legal documentation

e.Logistics coordination

f.Material purchase management

g.Supplier quality maintenance

h.Warehousing & Stock indexing

4. Construction

a.Contractors portfolio evaluation

b.Job specific civil works scheduling

c.Equipment and tool supply


e.Onsite modifications

f.Construction quality control and safety program adherence

5. Commissioning

a.Pre-commissioning Tests

b.Dry run

c.Equipment calibration

d.End point system checks

e.Certification validations

f.Project commissioning

g.Test run time checks

h.Handover of plant

5. Maintenance

a.Preventive and corrective management

b.Performance assessment

c.Facility management

d.Operational readiness

e.Plant maintenance protocols

f.SCADA operation

g.Regular reportage of performance and productivity

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