Solar Financing

Solar project financing is tailored to meet each customer’s specific needs. Purizon provides advice and direction in helping customers determine which financial solution is appropriate for them, taking into account variables including ownership structure, federal and state tax appetite, current electricity prices, cost of capital, state investment return requirements, total system costs, and system life.

Common solar financing solutions include:

Direct Ownership / Capital Purchase – Own the system outright using capital funds or the appropriate combination of debt and equity to fit your unique circumstances, and receive all financial and tax benefits associated.

Lease – Finance the system with a capital or operating lease; both options enable 100% financing so you can use your capital elsewhere. Purizon can assist with securing the appropriate leasing solution through our financial partners.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) – We own, install, and maintain the system on your property. You purchase the energy produced from the array at a fixed, discounted rate for 10+ years at a cost per kWh well below your current utility rate.

Net-Metering Credits – We provide you credits on your utility bill from a solar energy system we own that is not located on your property. These credits can reduce what you currently pay for electricity.

Property Rental – We rent your roof for a fixed period of time for the sole purpose of building and maintaining a solar energy facility. You receive a check each month with no other obligation. Think of this as a tenant providing a monthly rent payment with none of the normal concerns associated with renting space.

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